HG Glow Tea

HG Glow Tea

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This tasty blend cleans the blood and detoxes the liver. The result of a clean liver is clearer skin because a toxic liver often manifests itself as acne and chronic skin problems.  An added benefit is of the glow tea is that a clean liver helps you lose weight, reduces fatigue, lowers blood pressure, and can help fight moodiness and depression -- it really creates a whole body glow.



1. Steep 1 tea bag in 1-2 cups of water for 10-15 minutes and drink twice a day. 

2. Do NOT drink alcohol while you are detoxing, it won't harm you but it is a waste of the detox and will lessen the results. 

3. For best results stay away from processed food and drinks while you are detoxing. 

4. MOST IMPORTANT: Drink plenty of water.  Your body will detox by flushing toxins out via your kidneys, that means the toxins will exit your body via urine and so you need to drink plenty of water as to not tax your organs and to help facilitate the toxins exiting your body. 


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