The Tea Tree Ten

Tea tree is one of my favorite oils.

I love the rich, earthy, hippie smell.

I love how it's an oil that somehow isn't oily.

And I love how I can use tea tree oil for practically everything.

I never travel without tea tree oil and I never have less than 4 vials of the healing nectar in my home.  Any man that has ever dated me has smelled the pungent smell after every one of my showers and has probably endured quite a few of my homemade remedies. 

Tea tree oil is also extremely affordable compared to the other health nut favorites; somehow the price has not spiked (don't share this post too much, I still haven't recovered from America discovering Manuka honey)

Below I am listing 10 uses for tea tree oil for your pleasure:

Men's Health

1. Tea Tree for Beard Health

Avoid in grown hairs and skin discoloration by regularly incorporating tea tree into your routine.

Using lukewarm water, exfoliate your beard and under the neck with a loofah, clean wash cloth, or soft bristle face-brush. 

Pat dry and then add tea tree oil either directly to the skin or mixed in with your moisturizer. 

2. Tea Tree post barber shop

"Ethnic" hair and skin is super susceptible to hyper-pigmentation when irritated or exposed to bad bacteria.  Razor bumps on dark skin can go from bad to worse REALLY quickly and Tea Tree can alleviate, if not eradicate, that concern. 

Post barber shop, put the oil on your scalp - especially on your edges, neck, under the chin and anywhere that the skin prone to irritation.

3. Tea Tree to treat Jock Itch 

You can put tea tree directly on the affected area but i recommend you dilute it in water and ACV and apply to the affected areas.  Don't end up with burning balls, a test patch first, guys. 

Goddess' Health

4. Tea Tree Oil for Post Bikini Wax (2-3 days after wax)

Add tea tree to your preferred moisturizer or place directly on the skin to prevent ingrown hair.

I put tea tree on the night of a fresh bikini wax but I recommend if you aren't used to using tea tree that you wait 48 hours.

5. Tea Tree oil to treat a yeast infection

You can put tea tree directly on the affected area (I do not recommend) OR dilute it in water (1 part) and ACV (1 part)and apply to the affected areas. 

Everyone's Health

6. Acne!

I've had great luck spot treating cystic acne with tea tree oil.

7. Dandruff!

Mix 1/4 cup of ACV and 1/4 cup of water. Add 10 drops of tea tree and 3 drops of oreganol oil.  Shake and spray directly on scalp. Massage into scalp and let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing and shampooing and conditioning.

8. Insect Repellant!

Tea tree makes an extremely effective insect repellant.  I used to live in South Florida and travel on average about 7-international trips per year and I NEVER wear bug spray.  I put tea tree oil directly on my skin and head straight into the mosquito den. Its highly effective and much better for you and the environment.

9. All purpose surface cleaner!

As much time as we spend eliminating toxins from our food and beauty products, it only makes sense that we start switching to more natural cleaning solutions.  I personally love Meyer's products but you can also make an all purpose cleaner at home using distilled white vinegar and about 25 drops of tea tree oil.

10. Hand Sanitizer

Tea tree oil makes a great natural hand sanitizer. Studies have found tea tree oil to be successful in killing bacteria that causes the flu, pneumonia, and E. Coli. Who wants a homemade hand sanitizer recipe? Let me know in the comments!

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