Sunflower Saturday

Cost: $5 per car.

$2 per sunflower (optional).

Would I Recommend?  Absolutely.

Who: Me and @LundyNotes 

What: A splendid saturday at a sunflower field.

Where: Clear Meadows Farm. White Hall, Maryland. 

When: September 23, 2017 


I've been wanting to go to a sunflower field for a really long time but catching sunflowers requires a lot of forward planning because they are only in bloom for a few days and only a few times a year.  This year I was determined and after missing a summer bloom, I knew there was no way I could miss the final bloom of the year. 

I woke up early on a Saturday and looked outside to see the most perfect blue sky. I showered, did my hair, and exfoliated my lips before applying the perfect red liquid lipstick.  I wore an off-white crop top, boot cut jeans, and cowboy boots.  We drove one-hour with the windows down to the sunflower fields.  When we arrived at the field, I saw photographers, families, and dogs all happily walking and running and laughing between rows of sun flowers. 

We payed and began our sunflower adventure.  It's pretty simple, just rows and rows of sunflowers, all facing the same direction. There was a large intentional path through the middle of the two distinct sections of growth where you could walk without destroying the flowers.

I love it because it was so quiet and serene.  Seriously, even with the high pitched squeals of toddlers and the excited dogs running in circles, it was truly an intensely relaxing afternoon.  

The sunflower field was the perfect amount of beauty and serenity.  It was truly a healthy dose of life.

Enjoy the gallery! 

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