Rice Water for Longer Hair

There is an ethnic group in China called the Yao that holds the Guinness World Record for the longest hair.  According to various blogs and news reports, not only is their hair long but it is super strong and the women do not get gray hair until they are in their 80s! The Yao Women's secret? Fermented Rice Water. 

Well I've never been to China but it only took me a few minutes of perusing youtube and hair blogs before I was sold and decided to try it out myself.

It's been about 10-months now of consistent use of fermented rice water and I am OBSESSED. My hair is long, strong, soft and amazing... the only the thing I've done differently? Rice Water. 

So how does it work?

Fermented rice water, like many fermented foods (kimchi, red wine, kombucha), is chock full of minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients.  Fermented rice water is high in Vitamin B, Vitamin E, pitera, and antioxidants.  One article read that some scientist think the mix of minerals and nutrients create healthy elasticity in the hair and reduce friction.  Another article I read discussed inositol, a chemical found in fermented rice water, and how it has the ability to repair a damaged hair shaft from the inside out. 

I'll be honest I am not quite sure how it all works but what I know FOR SURE is that it: 

1. Detangles my hair.

2. Makes my hair shinier.

3. Makes my hair softer.

I also noticed that I have less shedding and less breakage.

So many beauty gurus, hairdressers, and YouTubers swear by it and there is literally no financial gain in promoting rice water so to you I say, you have nothing to lose and INCHES to gain. 

Okay so here is how I make mine:

I add 1 cup of organic white jasmine rice to 1 cup of distilled or artisan water.

Use organic rice to reduce the risk of pesticides or chemicals interfering with the fermentation and distilled/artisan water for the same reason. 

I let the rice and water sit for 24 hours uncovered until it ferments. 

Some people suggest boiling, I strongly advise against it because the heat can diminish the nutrients. 

After the water has sat for 24-hours, I transfer JUST the water into a spray bottle and add 4-drops of rosemary essential oil.

I apply the fermented water AFTER my deep conditioner.

I part my hair into sections and I completely saturate my hair, root to end.  I comb it and then gently twist it and bobby pin it.  I cover my hair with a shower cap and let it sit for at least one-hour.

After an hour, I rinse my hair with cold water.

I do this every time I wash my hair and so far the results have been amazing. 

Some people have said that over time their hair has had product build-up from the rice water but I have yet to experience that.

If you try it and love it, let me know!

As always, there are more pictures on @HealthGeenie on insta!

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