Pumpkin Patch

Cost: $0 unless you buy a pumpkin or shop at the market. 

Would I recommend: Yes! 

What: An impromptu Saturday in a pumpkin patch. 

Where: Butler's Orchard Germantown, Maryland. 

When: October 22, 2017

Why: It just doesn't seem like fall until you get to the pumpkin patch!

Butler's Orchard grows everything from pumpkins, to christmas trees. You can pick your own potatoes in late July and pick your own apples in September - all you have to do is check their crop calendar.  And speaking of apples, even though I went there for a pumpkin, I picked up apples from the market and those were some of the BEST honey crisp apples I've ever had.

A Lesson learned: 

I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch for the photo op and for the cheap local farm fresh goods. My mom wanted a pumpkin because she wanted me to prepare a yummy vegan pumpkin soup.  She chose a huge 14-pound pumpkin.  It took FOREVER to cut through the pumpkin. It took even longer to prepare the soup.  So much work! Cutting, and roasting, and mashing.  Well, maybe 15-minutes before the soup was done I realized that I was supposed to be using a sugar pumpkin.  I didn't even know that there were different kinds of pumpkins!  Apparently, the big ones you usually see in pumpkin patches are better for carving because they are "stringy and less flavorful".  The soup actually turned out okay but when I gave it to my mom she says, "Oh, I forgot, I don't really like pumpkin."

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