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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Note: This is a non-paid product review. I contacted the company and asked for them to send me the product so that I could review. I was not financially compensated. I do not work for the company nor am I an ambassador of any sorts. Questions? Email me at

Product Review: GROW FRAGRANCE

I learned about Grow Fragrance from a branding and marketing group on Facebook.

I have traditionally been anti-air freshener because I don’t like artificial smells and there has been a lot of controversy surrounding air fresheners and their carcinogenic ingredients, HOWEVER, Grow Fragrance air fresheners are 100% plant based and non-toxic and so I figured, why not give them a shot.

About the company and product:

Grow fragrance sent me a package with three of their scents: Citrus Cedar, Bamboo, and Lavender.

My favorite scent is the lavender but the scent that last the longest is the citrus cedar.

I tried the air freshener sprays in three different environments: I tried it to cover food smells after cooking, litter-box smells (I’m a cat mom to a gorgeous silver Bengal), and on linen.

In all three of these scenarios Cedar Citrus was the best at covering the smell (ESPECIALLY litter box)

Lavender was my favorite for fabrics and Bamboo was ideal for just spritzing around the house for a fresh natural smell.

Do I like this product? Surprisingly, yes. I love it actually.


Aside from being excited about a new product that is HG Friendly, here are the three reasons I like Grow Fragrances.

1. Non-toxic! It is safe for pets and children - it always boggles my mind how something we use can say not safe for children, I understand that babies and 10lbs animals are more sensitive than a full grown human but if its not safe for my (fur)baby then I am skeptical about it being safe for me.

2. Plant-based! That's exciting and sensible: plants smell good and plants are good.

3. The bottle has a lock button. If you have a (real) child I’d imagine that would come in handy.

4. Non-aerosol recyclable container. I love a brand that cares about the environment.

Who I’d recommend this Product to:

1. Pet moms

2. Actual moms

3. People who love air fresheners but want to stop using air fresheners that are made with hormone disruptors and neuro-toxins.

4. People (like me) who don't love air fresheners but maybe need them because of fur-children or human-children.

Are there any changes I’d make to the product?

When I first reviewed the product (last year) my only thought was “wow, I need this in travel size for my trips” today, I checked their website and saw they now offer 3 scents in 2oz bottles!

Final Verdict: This is an HG Approved product.

Thanks for reading!

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