Celery, The Sneaky Superfood

Celery, the sneaky super food that has been hiding in plain sight in styrofoam containers, pressed up against blue cheese, and slightly tinged orange from buffalo wings.  The enigmatic, stringy, water stick that somehow never misses a vegetable platter.  The vegetable that NO ONE ever claims to love but somehow ends up at every party and in every chicken soup recipe.  When we think of superfoods we think of the suburban mother's love affair with kale or the South American gifts of quinoa and Maca, the jeweled green powder known as Moringa, perhaps the berry most favored by the bloggers, Acai. But absolutely no one thinks of celery... that is, until now. Somehow this weird vegetable that no one ever talks about has been the super food hiding in plain sight.  Welcome to the matrix.

10-Reasons Why We Need to Start Putting Some Respect On Celery's Name: 

1. Thyroid Health - Drinking celery juice can help counter and reverse the production of hormones associated with hyperthyroidism. 

2. Heart Health - Celery can lower blood pressure, reduce plaque in arteries, and lower cholesterol.  That's a lot for a party platter reject. 

3. Liver Detox - Celery juice is GREAT for the liver.  Celery juice encourages the liver to produce enzymes that flush the liver of toxins, mold, fungi, etc., and thus can help rehabilitate the liver.  Aside from detoxing, Celery juice makes a GREAT hangover remedy: hydrating, restorative, cheap, and anti-inflammatory! 

4. Stomach Health - any health nut/guru/blogger will tell you that gut-health is the it-topic of the moment. And for good reason! Health really does begin and end in the stomach.  Scientists have found that your stomach health has an effect on everything from your mood to your risk of obesity and heart disease.  Celery has a fantastic effect on gut health by aiding in digestion.  It can alleviate symptoms of IBS and acid reflux.  Celery is also high in mineral and mineral salts that help with the absorption of nutrients.  Regularly drinking celery juice can also help to regulate your stomach acid which creates an overall healthier stomach.

5. Anti-Inflammatory - Anti-Inflammation is another one of those health but buzz words, why? Because an inflamed body is soon to be (or already is) a sick body.  If you've read myarticle on Alkaline water than you know how important alkalinity is to overall health in terms of anti-inflammation.  Celery is a major alkalinizing food.

6. Skin Health - Celery is 95% water!! Water plus minerals means glow!!!! Celery also has antioxidants and collagen, antioxidants repairs and restores skin after environmental damage and collagen keeps your skin looking YOUNG.  It's a beautifying food, darling, get on board. 

7. Hair Health - Again, 95% water. Your hair loves water. Water means hydration which means less dandruff.  Celery juice also contains Vitamin A which makes your hair strong and encourages growth. Yes, you heard right, Celery Juice + you = longer, healthier, hair. 

8. Cancer Prevention - I bet you never imagined that the stringy neon vegetable that you eat begrudgingly after all of your wings are gone could prevent cancer but here we are.  Celery slows the growth of tumors and deactivates the hormones that grows cancerous cells.

9. Kidney and Gallbladder Support - have you ever heard of the dangers of the occurrence of calfication in the gall-bladder and kidneys?  Probably not.  Well the kidney and gallbladder are crucial in terms of eliminating waste from our bodies and calcification can be quite the... hindrance.  Celery juice helps to avoid calcification in your kidneys and gallbladder which leads to better digestion and to better "waste elimination", you're welcome.

10. Weight Loss - Celery juice is also great for weight loss.  First of all, it's a diuretic, it helps to naturally suppress the appetite and helps to regulate body fluid and promote regular toxin-elimination through urine.  It also is extremely low in calories while being high in nutrients, phytonutrients and minerals.  This means you're body gets a lot of what it needs for a very low price. 

Okay, that was a lot of information. But here's the kicker, there is so much more I could've shared about celery! If you want a part-2 let me know! 

I personally hate eating celery.  It's stringy and weird tasting and requires too much chewing for my liking.  Thankfully, the Celery benefits are most potent in juice form and oddly celery juice tastes 10x better than actual celery! God knew what he was doing. Celery water is also a thing and it's easy as hell to make and super refreshing.

So here's how you flourish, drink celery juice every morning when you first wake up on an empty stomach.  Try this for 7-days and watch your body transform.  

Thanks for reading, make sure you're following me on @healthgeenie for my celery chats. 

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