Allergy 911: Eat Local

There are so many natural ways you can alleviate your allergy symptoms. 

If you follow me at @HEALTHGEENIE  then you’ve probably seen me selling my HG Sinus Tea - shameless plug time - which is a glorious blend of herbs and local bee pollen that astringes the mucous membranes and helps clear the nasal passage as well as gently detoxing your lymph nodes and building your immune system.

But if you are one of the crazy people who is not interested in trying out my sinus tea then I am here to share another super easy pro tip to help you manage your allergies. 

It’s simple: EAT LOCAL 


Eating locally as a way to manage allergies is based on a health concept called immunotherapy, in which you introduce a small amount of something that you're allergic to to your body and then your body can get used to it and figure out a way to fight it. Overtime your body will build up an immunity against the allergen and by the time it is faced with a large amount of the allergen your body is well equipped to deal with it.

By eating local food you are not only introducing your body to allergens but to THE ALLERGENS of your community.  It is like taking a Benadryl designed for the specific pollen that bothers YOU.  In a 2006 study, scientists found that drinking local milk reduced asthma and allergies in children across Europe.  And it’s not just milk, eating local honey, local vegetables, and local fruits all will positively impact your bodies ability to fight local allergens.

Where to get local food? 

1. Local Farmers Markets: LFMs are the best way to get local food; the food is cheaper, good quality, traceable, and LOCAL! Support local small farmers by opting to buy your meat, milk, eggs, veggies, and fruits from the people who make up your community! It's great for the body and helps support farmers who have resisted the lure of industrialized agriculture (a topic we'll address another day).

2. Grocery Stores: stores like Whole Foods will often tell you where your food is sourced. Opt for food sourced locally or sourced from a state that borders your own. 

3. Local Pick-your-own Farms: Almost every other weekend in the summer I make my way to different farms and co-ops where they let you pick your own fruit.  Recently I went to Gorman Farms to pick my own organic Strawberries.  It's fun, cost efficient, and a great way to get your blood moving and a healthy dose of Vitamin D.  

So eat local, sneeze less, breath better.

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