8-Inconvenient Truths About Using Natural Deodorant

Cutesy posing or secretly smelling my pits? You tell me.

8. You will smell. 

If you're being honest with yourself, you've been smelly even while using regular deodorant but while you are figuring out your natural deodorizing routine, you will definitely have days where you smell.  The smell will depend on your level of hydration, what you ate, your overall health, the brand you chose, but it will happen. Deal with it, you're human. If you were meant to smell like a rose all the time, you would've been born in some old ladies garden with a stem full of thorns.

7. You will sweat. 

Get over it. Seriously, I know mass-marketing has taught you that you aren't supposed to sweat or that it's not lady-like or sexy to sweat but it is literally one of the best functions of your body.  It regulates your temperature so that your organs don't fail and so you don't die!  Sweating is good.  Make it rain.

6. Sometimes it will fail you. 

You will definitely have a day of natural deodorant use where you realize your deodorant has failed you. No, not just failed you, but has abandoned you and likely at the most inopportune time.  I realized that my natural deodorant stops working after 5-7 hours so if I have a long day ahead of me I bring it with me and touch up around hour 4.  Planning ahead is a winning plan. 

5. What works for him/her might not work for you. 

As much as I love to suggest products for you all, you've got to know that just because it worked for me, doesn't mean it will work for you. My favorite natural deodorant made my mom break out under her arms. Her favorite natural deodorant makes me WAY sweatier than I normally am. It's trial and error. Also, don't be afraid to have different products for different events and seasons.

4. Hair makes it worse, the more hair you have the smellier you'll be. 

In my experience when I am waxed my deodorant works much better and when I am hairy it barely works.  It's not really rocket science, hair holds moisture and creates a nice home for bacteria. So my suggestion is wax and flourish. 

I'm not sure how this works for men. I'd love for a man to share their experience with natural deodorant with me, email me!

3. You will smell more when you're dehydrated. 

An odd side effect of going armpit-natural for me has been how much more motivated I am to drink water.  I noticed early on that when I am dehydrated I sweat more and then it is more likely that I will smell.  I chug water all day half because it's good for you and half because I don't want to smell lol. 

2. People will probably make fun of you.

I said probably because I'm legally trained and we don't speak in definites, however there is a 99.9% chance that at some point someone will make fun of you for choosing a carcinogenic-free life.  I went on a date during a heat wave and complained about being extra sweaty and feeling pit sweat run down my arms. I blamed it on my lack of anti-perspirant and the guy I was with said, "Oh yeah because you're one of those weird hippies who wears tree deodorant that barely works."  Well damn. But he was right lol I AM one of those "weird hippies" who wears "tree deodorant".  Mine works though... sometimes. 

1. Sometime's you'll feel the need to cheat (and it's okay if you do). 

Before I figured out my "body balance" there were days where I just couldn't risk smelling or sweating and I would wear a normal deodorant. The only issue is when you go back to the regular deodorant you have to start the recalibration period all over.  There was a period when if I had a job interview, first date, or some kind of event that I know would make me nervous (aka stress sweaty) then I would forego my tree-bark and just grab some Secret.  Now I don't do that 1) because I threw away all of the non-healthy deodorant and 2) because it has been a good exercise to control my nerves enough to not over sweat.  But just because I don't cheat anymore doesn't mean it's not okay for YOU to.  I've been "transitioning" for years and ultimately using real deodorant 2 times a week is significantly better for you than everyday for 20+ years.  Do what works for you in the healthiest possible way.

And there you have it: 8 Inconvenient Truths About Wearing Natural Deodorant.  And that's really what they are inconveniences, minor ones at best.  When you think of your skin being the largest organ in your body and often your body's first line of defense, the idea of regularly saturating it with neurotoxins and highly carcinogenic chemicals should really scare you.  There was a study recently that said applying toxins to your skin might be WORSE than orally ingesting the toxins because at least when you eat something there are a series of digestive mechanisms designed to filter and prevent the toxins from entering your blood stream whereas things applied to your skin have a very easy time getting to your blood stream.  Imagine the accumulation of toxins in your body over the course of years and years of daily use. Scary.  Consider going natural and when it seems tough ask yourself, what's worse: sickness or sweat stains?

Stay tuned for my natural deodorant recommendations. 

Happy healing and make sure you're following me on @HealthGeenie for your daily dose. 

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